Accurate accounting is at the heart of every viable business.  We have educated and trained accountants that prepare and review your monthly financial package.


From annual filing with the Department of Commerce to Board and annual meeting preparations, we eliminate the amount of time you spend “pushing paper.”


HOA Strategies manages the vendor relationship by ensuring the contract provisions are met and the level of service meets the Boards expectations.


When capital improvement projects or landscape upgrades come around we take care of it and only bill the HOA for project management services when they are needed.


Avoid the dreaded ‘selective enforcement’ label and let us implement a consistent, fair, and reasonable approach to enforcing the HOAs CC&Rs.


Feeling frustrated with your HOA? We help to identify the source of homeowner frustrations and identify what can be done to cause real change in your community.


Efficient implementation of effective strategies
for the enhancement of your community.

HOA Strategies was founded with the goal of helping communities operate transparently, efficiently, and professionally for the benefit of all homeowners. HOAs operate as businesses, often times organized as nonprofit corporations, which control millions of dollars of assets while operating on thin budgets. There is a need for professional management firms with experience in running large corporations, establishing financial controls, with a background in fundamental business principles that can be implemented to protect the assets of your community – all while having a small business focus of great customer service. HOA Strategies fills this need.

One of the many benefits of living in an HOA is the grass-roots ability to improve and actively participate in the oversight of your community. After all, HOA Board members are first and foremost homeowners in their community. HOA Strategies allows Board members to continue their fiduciary duty while delegating the day to day operations to a professional. While you may be hiring a professional management firm to manage the day-to-day workload of your HOA, it’s really about the individuals you hire, their expertise, and how they represent themselves to you and to the homeowners. Let us be your personal contact for efficient implementation of effective strategies for the enhancement of your community. We are a boutique management firm that will focus on making your HOA a great place to live.

Just a few things we bring to the table:

  • Accurate Accounting

    Accurate accounting is at the heart of every good business and is more than just “keeping the books.” HOA Strategies has educated and trained accountants that prepare and review the monthly financial statements and are able to interpret, or see into the numbers, to understand and communicate the true story of the HOA.

  • Professional Management

    There is no doubt that someone can always do it cheaper – but cost is not always the point – the Board should also consider quality and value added services. While we strive to be competitive in our pricing we feel the highest sense of accomplishment when our clients are well taken care of.

  • Hands-on approach

    We work with the Board to implement simple and effective strategies to manage the HOA. Implementing simple and repeatable processes removes the need to re-create the wheel each time the Board needs to make a decision.

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