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Categories: Community Association ManagementPublished On: December 1st, 2021


A lot goes into running your homeowners or condominium association. Especially considering you’re doing the best you can for the community for zero pay! Board members are expected to shoulder so many burdens: you are responsible for creating and maintaining a harmonious community; you are expected to keep the association financially healthy, even though your neighbors all want to keep their rates as low as possible; and when those neighbors fall behind on payments, they see you as the bad guy when it comes time to collect.

It shouldn’t all fall on you, and it doesn’t have to, either! HOA Strategies provides top-tier management services to the state of Utah. Here are just a few reasons why our clients chose to partner with us:

3 reasons why Utahs best HOA Management company

Reason #1: Our Local Know-How

We didn’t want a giant national company that was impersonal. We liked that HOA Strategies was local.

If you’ve ever been to a mom-and-pop shop or restaurant, you know why choosing local is always a great choice. National corporate providers are nice, and they often have a lot of experience. But there’s something to be said about the close, personal touch you get when you choose a local business–the extra steps they take to make sure you feel taken care of, the genuine investment they have into you and your success. Bigger companies promise all of those things, but often struggle to follow through.

For Erin Kirby, HOA President of Colonial Gardens, this was a top priority in selecting a new management company. “We didn’t want a giant national company that was impersonal,” she said. “We liked that HOA Strategies was local.” She also mentioned a time that specific benefit came in handy.

“A giant dump truck drove through the community! It took out power lines and landscaping. Trever dropped everything to get out here and make sure we had help with everything. HOA Strategies even brought their own cleanup crew. It was very professional.”

Reason #2: All Clients Get Top-Tier Service

The other downside to large, national companies is their portfolio size. They have a massive staff, sure. But if they take on too many clients and suffer from bloated portfolios, their managers just don’t have the time in the day to handle everyone with the care they should. Managers are only human, after all! And this isn’t to say that national companies can’t handle their workloads, but they just cannot consistently provide the same high-level service to every community. Someone is bound to fall through the cracks.

Company size was another area where Colonial Gardens saw a big win with HOA Strategies. “Small but not too small,” Kirby said, perfectly summing up the intentional balance we keep with our staff and our communities to better provide the best connection possible.

Reason #3: We’ll Be the Bad Guy and the Good Guy

It’s nice to have HOA Strategies be the middle man. They have no skin in the game! They just explain the problem or solution objectively.

It’s hard to create happiness and harmony in your community when inevitably someone falls behind on their payments, or ends up being cited for multiple violations. Board members aren’t just dedicated volunteers, you’re homeowners and neighbors, too, and it can make the hard work that much harder.

Trish Hatch, Treasurer at Spring Hollow on the Jordan River, has seen the difference the right manager can make in that situation.

“It’s nice to have HOA Strategies be the middle man,” she said. “They have no skin in the game! They just explain the problem or solution objectively.”

But that wasn’t the only reason her board chose to work with us. Expertise is critical, and our knowledge of legal and insurance needs for HOAs and condo associations came in handy when her board was faced with a very unusual problem recently.

“One board member was creating problems and refused to resign,” she explained. “Our CC&Rs didn’t have anything to stop it, so the other four quit! Our manager, Jen, was able to help us get the language written that we needed to avoid a situation like that in the future.” Jen even went a step further and suggested the community hold a vote, which inevitably led to the problem board member resigning. Solutions to complicated problems like this are well within our scope of knowledge and ability.

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